Coaching Your Life's Goals

Coaching Your Life's Goals

Life Coach Training (Application & Registration Deposit)


Life Coach Training (Application & Registration Deposit)

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Our training program is designed to be a complete resource, containing essential tools every coach needs to gain and maintain a successful coaching practice.  The valuable information you will gain, is specifically designed to ease you into the field of Coaching.

Whether you are starting a Coaching business or positioning yourself as an internal Executive coach, you will find our training program will support your success. The training focuses on a Core Set of Life Coaching Skills, Exercises and Methods Specifically tailored for Life Coaching, Executive & Group Coaching and Academic Life Coaching.

Over the course of 5 weeks, we will cover and you will learn:

•      What Coaching Is

•      The Foundations of Coaching

•      “Should You be a Coach” -Benefits of becoming a Professional Coach

•      Coaching Ethics and Accountability

•      Coaching for Results

•      Transformational Coaching

•      What is Executive Coaching

•      Identify and Learn the 11 Core Competencies developed by the International Coaching Federation ( I.C.F.)

•      Levels of Listening

•      Powerful Coaching Questions

•      Utilize & put into action the Coaching model processes to Coach and be Coached

•      Designed Alliance

•      Coaching the client not the Problem

•      One-to-One Coaching

•      What it takes to start a successful Coaching practice

•      Requirements for I.C.F. credentialing

•      Why Coaching works

•      Mandatory 2 Coach- Mentor Coaching Review Sessions (up to 30 minutes each)

•      All Materials included


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