Coaching Your Life's Goals

Coaching Your Life's Goals

Academic Life Coaching


Academic Life Coaching


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The Academic Life Coaching Program is a proven program that consists of 32 concepts delivered in 10 individual sessions which is designed to address: stress about grades, disorganization and lack of motivation. Frustration in relationships (whether between parent/teen, teacher/student/, or among peers. Anxiety about the college application). The first three sessions of the program focus on helping students become more academically confident and effective. The next three sessions focus on core Life Coaching Skills and concepts. the final four sessions focus on communication, leadership, and the college application.

Students in the program achieve:

  • Ambitious academic and athletic goals
  • Reduce Stress
  • Create and individualized plan for applying to college
  • Create Outstanding college and scholarship applications
  • Improve relationships with parents, peers,and teachers
  • Learn skills that lead to effective, fulfilled lives

Students thrive when working one-on-one with a trained Academic Life Coach, because the coach is able to tailor the concepts of the program to the student and the immediate circumstances the student is facing.

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